Let The Light Connect Us

942Question: How can we boost our spiritual work to increase positive outcomes?

Answer: We have no other option but to unite even more, up to the point that the light will connect all internal distances, which we want to cancel between us. It will come and do it, and we must ask: “Let me be absolutely internally united with my friends.”

In this case, if distances between us close, we form one common body, one common desire, in which the Creator is revealed. And this is achievable because it is not us doing it. We must only pray that the light unite us in our common aspirations for this state.

So, let us convince, support, and inspire each other that this is possible.

This is the transition from one world to another. Being in our world, we naturally cannot imagine how to connect everything into one single whole. This is unattainable in the corporeal world.

But when we ask from our world, the light takes into account our states and raises us to the next level where the property of bestowal, love, and connection between the broken parts of one soul (which is us) really exists. We can do this.

Let’s try together. We still have time to realize these opportunities and implement them. And we will do it!
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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