Will Smart Things Make Us Smarter?

273.02Question: As a consequence of the pandemic, now there is a growing crisis in the production of microprocessors, microchips that are literally in everything, from cars to phones. On one hand all things are becoming smart; on the other hand crises in their production is growing.

Therefore the production of cars, phones, etc. is being reduced. For those who produce microprocessors, the queues are scheduled for several years ahead. This means store shelves will begin to empty after some time; a global shortage of smart equipment is coming.

What is the future of smart technologies for humanity in terms of consumption?

Answer: I don’t see anything wrong with that. Of course, I’m not in favor of collecting all the books and burning them. But if we won’t be chasing microchips in every refrigerator and in every iron, I don’t think we will suffer from it.

On the contrary, we will be able to devote more time to our ordinary everyday life; we will learn to receive small joys from the world, from family, from children. I believe that all this technology is a huge failure of humanity in trying to occupy itself with such toys.

Question: It is excessive consumption. On the other hand, this technique, as if from the outside, demonstrates to a person the external connection of things. And if this does not develop, will the connection shift into some internal things?

Answer: Of course. Why wouldn’t we go back to somewhere in the last century in a village, with the right books, maybe even with the right computer, but without the Internet, without everything that clogs our brains and takes up time?

Why can’t we normally, calmly surround ourselves with smart things that will make us smarter, and not just turn us into idiots using the achievements of others who are also worthless?

I believe that the time has long come to make a reassessment of values.

Any development always comes to something. So I think this will too. The only problem is that in our time, too many people, based on purely mercantile interests, are interested in everything continuing the way it is. Therefore there is not much hope that the change will happen peacefully. But on the other hand I’m sure this will end soon.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 10/19/21

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