Kabbalah And The Consumer Economy, Part 2

547.05The Only Form of Egoism

Question: Is it possible to describe the egoism that we must correct? After all, it has many forms.

Answer: Egoism has one very simple form: I want only good things and only for myself.

Question: And why is this bad?

Answer: It is bad because it means I am in conflict with wanting good for others. If before we used to build our lives in some way together with others, today we begin to build it only in contradiction with others.

We have entered into such conflicts, such contradictions, that we cannot create anything between us that would unite us. Starting from contradictions of a person with himself, with his family, with his children, relatives, parents, colleagues at work, and ending in relations between nations and the entire world.

A person begins to feel that he is against everyone, alone, and does not need anyone. If it were possible to replace everyone else or even just a couple dozen of people with robots so that they would serve him and he would feel good, he would immediately agree to this. This is our inherent nature.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 1/3/19

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