From The Common Desire Of The Group

528.04Question: What should be emphasized in making requests and addressing the Creator?

Answer: A request to the Creator can be formed only through a group. The state in which you want to see the group in the next moment should be addressed to the Creator. There is no other way.

You must understand that your soul is your relationship to the group. You can’t get away from this. We are still egoists and cannot imagine it correctly, but it is so.

We study that only through a group can one turn to the Creator; otherwise He will not hear us. The upper force is integral. It is absolutely in the entire volume of the general desire created by it and hears only what comes from it.

Therefore you cannot turn to the Creator with any personal request; it is simply useless and even harmful. You can appeal to Him only from the general desire of the group and only for the sake of the general desire!

A person who turns to the Creator uses himself as a potential force. And if we all begin to address Him in this way, then each of us will fulfill his part as Malchut, and the group is the nine upper Sefirot. Thus we will come to a state where our opinions, our desires, and our requests will unite together into one single desire for the benefit of others.

It doesn’t matter if the private desires do not coincide in some way. The main thing is that everyone will act for the sake of others, for others. And then we will receive an answer, and very quickly, almost instantaneously, because our conversion will be like the reflected light (Ohr Hozer) in which the direct light (Ohr Yashar) is clothed.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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