The Psychology Problem

49.02Question: I can study the upper force of nature either in order to improve my life in this world or to go beyond this world. If I study it to improve my material life, is that also called psychology?

Answer: Yes, in general it is a practical science if only we could perceive it correctly. The fact is that there is a big problem in psychology. We cannot be objective about what we feel since we are only within the framework of the sensation of our world.

Our perception is very limited and one-sided. It cannot not give us full awareness and does not allow us to use science. We cannot correctly measure our feelings, compare them with each other, accurately graduate what one, another, or a third one feels. We do not have the main method of cognition, the scientific one.

Therefore psychology is not a science in a clear, real, rigid sense of the word. We don’t have enough measurements. We describe everything very beautifully, in intricate phrases, and no one can convey to another clear dimensions, directions, and statements. In general psychology is the science of our feelings, which we cannot gradate accurately.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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