Many Descents And Many Ascents

592.04Is it possible to advance along the spiritual path without descents at all? But if there were no descents, we would never reach the final goal. After all, we ascend precisely due to descents.

We are not able to ascend just like that. There are no forces in me now to perform a spiritual action for the sake of genuine bestowal, there is no anti-egoistic screen and there are no forces of overcoming. I am all from the desire to receive, and how can I bestow?

So what is done from above? l am driven into descent, and I suffer, but I hold on. The main thing during the descent is not to stray from the usual daily routine: work and study, work and study… Stand on it stubbornly like a donkey, whatever happens.

And then it turns out that the Creator arranges these descents for me, and so be it. But I’m still going on. And then all my descents, in which I could not do anything, are counted to me as if I had done everything.

We cry that we don’t want to descend because it’s unpleasant. But we need to see in them the Creator’s work on us. Therefore, let us have a lot of descents, because this means that there will also be a lot of ascents!
From KabTV’s “Conversation at a Meal” 11/3/21

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