Falling For The Sake Of Rising

533.02In order to rise in the spiritual both states are necessary: ascents and descents. The main thing is not to be in an unconscious state or even worse, in a purely corporeal, animal state. The still, vegetative, and animal degrees belong to our egoistic world, and the speaking degree is determined by our attitude to the Creator.

And this is why it is so important to stay in either a state of ascent or descent. The descent is also important because without it, it is impossible to appreciate the ascents and it is impossible to find new vessels for the next ascent. Therefore, both of these states—light and darkness—are correct, legitimate, and move us forward.

It is advisable to pass through the intermediate, gray states, neither this nor that, as soon as possible and try to be in the state of ascent again. And if there is no ascent, then be in the descent in order to prepare yourself for the ascent. It all should be new in our eyes each and every day. The night is necessary in order to approach the next day.

If we appreciate both of these states, then “darkness will shine like light”; we will feel that darkness comes to us from the reverse side of the same Creator and we will attribute both the ups and downs to Him.

They say my “beloved is like a gazelle.” The Creator seemingly runs away from us; however, He turns His head and face back so that we will yearn for Him and chase after Him. This is why we measure both these states, either a state of coming closer to the Creator or a state of being apart from Him.

We do not notice the point from which we begin to descend and change our attitude to spirituality, the group, the Creator. The fact is that our descent is an ascent to the next degree, only in the reverse form. “One is elevated in sanctity and never lowered.” And that is why we call the fall an ascent of the left line. It is an addition of vessels we did not have before, but they are broken and therefore we feel even more darkness in them than ever before.

And we complain that there is no point in working if it leads to such unpleasant states. Is this really the reward for our work? But what can we do if we need additional vessels to attain the Creator? This is the way of our development: left line, right line, and again left, right.

No one likes being in the left line. But if we are in a group, we will be reminded very quickly that the left line must grow, so that by correcting it, we will reveal the Creator, get closer to Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/2/21, “Raising Ourselves”

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