The Creator Will Not Change The Plan Of Creation

293The first wave of coronavirus mostly hit mostly elderly people. But the next waves are already affecting more and more younger people. It’s like the Egyptian plagues that started from afar and then came to blows that were more and more significant for correction.

The Creator does not change His plan of creation. But if an angel does not perform his work, the Creator puts another angel in his place. Therefore, when several waves of the pandemic pass: the second, third, and fourth, children and even babies may be under attack then. We must understand that the Creator will not compromise with us. We should not hope that the virus will disappear by itself or we will be able to find a miracle cure for it.

We will have to reveal that the good connection between us is the only medicine that destroys the coronavirus. This is not an ordinary virus, but a consequence of our lack of spiritual correction, that is, egoism. Where there is egoism, there will be more and more viruses until Pharaoh himself says that this is the hand of the Creator, like at the time of the exodus from Egypt.

From the beginning of creation the same scenario is repeated, only in different forms and with other characters. In essence nothing changes. Spiritual forces act according to the same scheme and lead everyone to unity. Only the material scenery changes while the spiritual essence remains unchanged.

Our egoism is Pharaoh; the Creator is still the same Creator. Moses is all Kabbalists and the Kabbalistic method that pulls us forward to correction. We need to follow it as much as possible. It is possible to get out of this Egypt, out of the coronavirus pandemic, only by uniting.

It is said that “the physician has been given permission to heal,” and every specialist (financier, economist, lawyer, etc.), leader or individual is given the opportunity to correct the world in his sphere. And since our society is corrupted, every specialist is corrupted, and he is given the right to correct himself, as well as to correct society.

It is so for every person. This is the meaning of the rule: “It follows that the physician has been given permission to heal.” After all, there is the Creator behind every person. And if I want to see it this way, then it will affect me privately in a way that I will be cured.

An economist, a lawyer, or a financier in a corrected form are all doctors who cure the flaws of human society. They are setting up a system for me, not a physical one like a physician, but a universal social one, in order to bring it into a state called Adam, one man with one heart.

And then we will see how everyone acts for the sake of healing and that the Creator has given everyone the right to cure, not just the physiological body, but our common body, the human, social system.

The most important thing is the attitude of the patient to the healer, which means, the patient to the doctor. Each specialist in his field can be considered a “doctor,” and each of us who needs help can be considered a “patient.”

Now there are many complaints about medicine and doctors in regard to the coronavirus, but we ourselves have built this corrupted, egoistic system over thousands of years of human history. Now we have finally seen the light and are beginning to see its shortcomings. This is called the revelation of evil, what is called the “seven hungry years,” in which we begin to feel and reap the results of the egoistic system that we have built throughout our entire history.

All that remains for us is to turn to the Creator for correction. The same story of the exodus of Egypt repeats itself: the blows show us that we are at the mercy of nature, or in other words, the Creator, and we must somehow correct ourselves, change our attitude to what is happening.

The first blow of the coronavirus came just a year ago and look how it has already changed the world. Empty airports, silence all around, one plane per hour and that’s it. And people are gradually getting used to such a life, they see it has its advantages. After all, before we did not stop this irrepressible race moving from place to place. It’s time to think: Why are we running?

The pandemic is gradually getting closer to children. We do not yet know what it is like when children suffer from such a serious disease on such a large scale. It is painful to see children even with masks on their faces, and it is even more frightening to imagine what could happen if the children are on artificial respiration. But if we do not start corrections, then this will inevitably come, because the Creator will not change the program of creation.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 6/24/21

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