What Lies Beyond The Limits Of Intellect?

246Question: Renowned neuroscientist Bekhtereva, who was the director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Leningrad for about twenty years, wrote in one of her works, “I admit that thought exists separately from the brain, and the mind only receives it from space and reads it.”

What is beyond the limits of human intellect?

Answer: Beyond our intellect is the entire spiritual world. After all, what is intelligence? A small egoistic “outgrowth” that does not fit into either the spiritual or the corporeal world. Therefore, what is really happening is our increasing development and frustration: “Who are we? What can we even understand?”

Question: Does it mean that the thoughts that we catch somehow create our reality, what a person feels inside and outside?

Answer: We depict this reality to ourselves by our thoughts. In fact, there is nothing real in it. This is an imaginary reality.

Question: Why does it seem to a person that he thinks?

Answer: So that it would seem to him that he really thinks, exists, does something, creates. Moreover, the act of creation begins with the thoughts: “Who am I? What am I? What am I for? What for? Who created me this way? What am I doing? What is mine in these actions and what is not?” Some kinds of thoughts and inspirations come to me. “Are they mine? They did not exist before, but now they do.”

That is, a person here has something to think about. But this is also useless because he will not discover the truth anyway.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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