The Original Realization Of The Kabbalah

933Question: In the article “Time to Act,” Baal HaSulam writes that many books of the Jewish people were written by those people who were recognized as Kabbalists and were in comprehension of the higher worlds. And among other peoples, everything revolved around everyday life: culture, painting, literature. Why?

Answer: Because for 1,500 years the Jewish people existed on a spiritual level. After leaving Babylon, the Jews descended to Egypt, then passed through the Sinai desert, and from there to the land of Israel, then there was the exile in Babylon, where Nebuchadnezzar reigned, the return to the land of Israel, the construction of the Second Temple, and another 800 years of existence until the 2,000 year exile.

For 1,500 years from Babylon to the last exile, we lived in a sense of the spiritual world.

Question: Has the Kabbalistic method, which is now offered to all of mankind, already been implemented once in your life?

Answer: Yes, but in those days, selfishness was still small. Therefore, a large mass of people could not understand that it is precisely the ascent above our world that is a necessary method of existence, that our world is needed in order for you to enter the spiritual realm from it. Man did not realize this.

He believed that he should live in this world in a practical way by developing himself, society, family, sciences, crafts, etc. That is, selfishness had not yet outlived itself, and did not expose itself, as in our time.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Difference in souls” 12/11/09

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