Inner Fulfillment And External Needs

120When engaged in integral education, a person should understand why he is doing it. His most important task is to bring the world to an integral state because in this way we raise it to the upper force, to the upper purpose.

This is the key difference between our organization and all the others. This point is the very first and the very last. The very first because we start our own internal preparation from it, and the very last because we come with it and want to grow it within our listeners. Therefore, it is always present inside the flow in which we conduct workshops, discussions, answer questions, and so on.

This is a clear direction to make the students into one single whole because in this form they will connect to us, and they will be balanced with all of nature. This is the most important task that defines our methodology and the desired result.

By participating in this, people pass the upper energy through themselves and feel how it fills them, they live by it.

Question: Does it mean that in an ordinary enterprise the motivation is mainly financial, but here it is spiritual?

Answer: There can be no financial motivation here. A person should receive enough in order not to feel any special needs. If his head and all his life are dedicated to the spiritual goal, then it is enough for him to provide his family with a normal living standard.

When he works in a good team and his family does not put pressure on him with any increased demands, then this should completely satisfy him and even give him a feeling of happiness. Inner fulfillment will extinguish external needs.
From KabTV’s “Through Time”

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