Destiny Can Be Controlled

294.2Question: Fate is the totality of all events and circumstances that are predetermined and primarily affect either a person or the entire nation. Do you agree with this definition?

Answer: No, I do not agree because you cannot just talk about fate as a combination of some circumstances. Fate is what happens to us in our sensations, in our life, in our conditions, and is a consequence of the influence of nature or the Creator (which are the same thing) on us and our interaction with it.

Question: There are three main characteristics of fate according to something I found on the Internet: totality, unknowability and independence from human will. Do you think this is true?

Answer: No. With regard to totality, I can say that there are private destinies and common destinies, and total destinies too. As for unknowability and independence, on the contrary, we can learn our destiny and manage it if, of course, we wish to, and apply a certain quantity and quality of efforts to this. That is, both cognizability and control can be in our hands. It depends on us.

Comment: If you look at the history and culture of different peoples, then in most cases fate is defined as negative, gloomy, meaningless, blind, and ruthless.

My Response: So we speak because we do not understand the essence and purpose of what is happening.

Comment: By the way, nothing good is written in the Jewish religion, in the Prophets either.

My Response: It depends on how you look and with respect to whom it is said. In principle, the fate of humanity depends on itself. Nothing can be said here about some kind of fatal predestination.

Question: What adjective would you give to destiny?

Answer: Managed.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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