Billionaires Will Be Defeated By Revolution

294.2In the News (The Guardian “Tax on billionaires’ Covid windfall could vaccinate every adult on Earth”): “Analysis finds 99% levy on pandemic wealth rise could also pay all unemployed $20,000 – and still leave super-rich $55bn richer

“Every adult in the world could get a Covid-19 vaccine if the wealth billionaires collected during the pandemic was taxed 99% once, according to an analysis published on Thursday by several groups that advocate for economic equity.

“This one-time tax on the world’s 2,690 billionaires could also cover $20,000 in cash paid to all unemployed workers, according to the analysis by Oxfam, the Fight Inequality Alliance, the Institute for Policy Studies and the Patriotic Millionaires.

“That tax would still leave the billionaires with $55bn more than they had before the pandemic, the analysis said.”

Question: Do you think it is okay to tax them 99%?

Answer: I think this is the right thing to do. There must be a border, a ceiling above which no person in the world can receive.

Question: And if he does earn it?

Answer: He would not receive it, it should not be like that.

Question: And who limits everything to him?

Answer: A law. A law that is adopted by the UN, an international court, or someone else in which, it is clear that if someone earned 100 billion in a year, then, suppose, he gets 100 million, and the rest goes to the general treasury.

Question: A person’s income should practically be limited by law?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Then what is the point of a person being a billionaire and striving for some kind of wealth, being the first in these magazines like Forbes, and so on?

Answer: He will still be in these magazines, he will work with his own money, but in the end it will be clear that he is doing this for the good of everyone. And this is a completely different matter. The money does not stay with him for nothing. He twists and twists it all the time, this is understandable. How much does he spend on himself? A couple of million a year. And all the rest goes back to production, and so on.

Question: Is it necessary for him to feel that all this will go to people, that he donates all this to good deeds?

Answer: And he is the manager! He is the manager of these businesses, honored, highly respected, and so on.

Question: Why is it not done now? Why can they not do this, just decide and limit people’s income?

Answer: Society is arranged in such a way that it cannot do it! And those people who have such means and connections are able to make sure that society does not get close to them, with these lawyers, courts, media, anything. Everything is bought. All of this is one.

Question: How can you get to them?

Answer: Make a revolution, my friend! In the heads, in the mind, in the heart. Otherwise, these revolutions really do not give anything. We see it.

Question: Do you think we are approaching this revolution?

Answer: We want it. I do not know to what extent this will be possible,

Question: What does a person need to do to make this revolution happen?

Answer: Dissemination of Kabbalah in the world. When people understand that there is no other way besides the one suggested by Kabbalah for the correction of the world, for changing a person and the world.

Question: There must be a change in man?

Answer: Changing the world means changing a person.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/19/21

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