Man And Woman: Attitude To Life

560Comment: At present, the representation of women in areas that belonged exclusively to men 15 to 20 years ago has significantly increased.

My Response: This is not a result of a good life. Talk to business women heart-to-heart and you will see that they do not need it. It does not make women happy. Well, a little more money, a little more something.

A woman treats life more realistically than a man does. She is attached to the world, to the earth, to nature. And those things that are not material enough, that is, ghostly money in the bank or something like that, are not very important for her. She is interested in safety and security, but only as much as they are necessary in the current conditions for her life and no more.

A man chases various toys: ships, airplanes, and yachts. He remains a child. It does not matter to him whether it benefits him or not; he gets carried away with his games and spends his time in this way.

A woman does not need this. She looks at the world more realistically: she needs a home, a family, solid security.

Question: What is the nature of this phenomenon that a man feels self-sufficient? If a woman did not demand anything from him, he would continue playing his games.

Answer: A man should be aimed at the attainment of the Creator, should bring this attainment into our world, pass it to a woman, and with her help reach the Creator because it is impossible without this. A man and a woman together in their joint aspiration, i.e., the male and female parts of humanity, reach the Creator.

Man descended into our world as one being, and then divided into two opposite parts, a man and a woman. Only by joining together (this is only about spiritual, not physical qualities) can we climb up and attain the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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