Fear Comes To Us For A Reason

627.2Comment: Tanya Mararu writes to you: “How can we overcome the fear that tomorrow there will be no money, nothing to eat? At the same time, everyone is alive and well. I am on maternity leave and only my husband works. And I am afraid.”

My Response: It is a natural feeling, and I understand it.

How to overcome fear? Be more connected with those people who think about the future. Calmly, dispassionately, they try to be connected with each other and try to find a connection with the upper force that determines everything in the present and in the future.

Question: Why does fear come when everything is fine?

Answer: It is all purposeful, it is all very good. Without fear, man would be a wild animal.

Fear limits our ego. Fear is a very good feeling that protects us, otherwise we would just go insane. We need to learn how to use it properly. And then we will not be afraid of it, but will bless it.

Question: What is the purpose of fear?

Answer: The purpose of fear is to correctly direct us toward the true path of development, to find the highest force of bestowal, love, and connection in the relationship between us. And then we will really not be afraid of anything.

Question: And you are referring to an ordinary person?

Answer: Today, it is already for an ordinary person. We see that the whole world is in fear. And only a person who does not understand where he is at all can claim with bravado that he is not afraid of anything. It is not from having a big mind. And that is why we need to bless the fear, because it correctly directs us toward the right goal.

Question: Toward each other, you mean?

Answer: Yes. We need to understand that fear is given to us on purpose. It is a very good asset.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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