Elixir Of Youth

715A Harvard University biologist claims that he has invented the elixir of youth, which reprograms the genetic program, stops aging, and even turns back time, causing grey hair to darken and wrinkles to smooth out. Experiments have already been conducted on mice and human trials are planned soon.

I, however, think that it is impossible to go back in time and there is no need to do that. We should live as long as we are supposed to and enjoy our destiny. Let the upper force control your life. It is risky to transfer this power into the hands of a person. Maybe he can do it with mice, but I do not want to be a lab rat.

There are people who dream of being forever young. But I do not want to be a child because everything has its time. Today I am 75 years old, and I want to continue for as long as the Creator gives me the strength and to end my life when the time comes.

No one prevents you from enjoying life like a child at any age. Cheerfulness does not depend on physical strength, but only on the inner harmony in a person between himself and the essence of life. If I agree with what is happening to me, then I calmly follow the flow of life, realizing that it will continue until its period expires.

Of course this life will end one day, and I do not regret anything. Agreeing is the key to a harmonious life because it gives a connection with the upper force, with nature, the only thing that determines my life.

Nature has arranged it so that we begin life full of energy and we gradually lose it toward the end. After all each stage has ascents and descents, but a person is given the mind and feelings in order to examine and understand what the Creator did and what He left for us to do by ourselves. The more I understand about life, the more I agree with the Creator.

The source of youth is in the heart of a person. Feel young and do not give in to old age. There is no such stage in life when it starts going downhill; life always goes up.
From “KabTV’s Look from the Inside” 10/4/21

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