Man, Woman and Divinity Between Them

Man, Woman and Divinity Between ThemQuestions I received on family, relationships and Kabbalah:

Can your wife who studies Kabbalah be your friend? Can you attain the Creator with her? If not, then what does “Man, Woman and Divinity between them” mean?

My Answer:
She can! The real meaning of the phrase “Man, Woman and Divinity between them” is that the soul’s desires (the woman), together with the screen and the Reflected Light (the man), form a Kli (vessel). This is the condition for uniting with the Upper Light. The Light, the Creator, becomes revealed in their connection, called Zivug.

However, the same thing can be true in our world: when the husband studies, he automatically provides spiritual support to his corporeal wife, even if she doesn’t study on her own. And if she desires it, then he is obligated to study with her. Then they will advance together. Rabash used to speak about this to his students, advising them to read his articles to their wives.

Question: Can man a learn to be truly faithful to his wife through self correction and attainment of spirituality?

My Answer: This is not Kabbalah’s objective. Nevertheless, a person changes as he gradually goes through the corrections.

I’ve been single for three years. When I try to date someone, the relationship ends because I am excessively focused on the world of Kabbalah. What is the Creator trying to tell me?

My Answer:
Finding a partner means finding someone similar to you – someone who is also focused on spiritual life and the spiritual goal. Please contact our dating department.

Question: You say that a man must be married to study Kabbalah effectively. What about someone who can’t create a family due to being born with a disability?

My Answer: If your disability prevents you from running a normal household with a woman, then this condition doesn’t apply to you. However, I find it practically impossible to imagine a case where it’s impossible to create a family.

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One Comment

  1. Dear Rav,
    I started studying Kabbalah online on Sunday, January 11,  my husband though, does not show any interest or sign in starting anytime soon. I understand that a person can come to study Kabbalah overnight as in a quantum leap (it happened to me), and I do have an easy relashionship with my husband, for he respects what interest me, and I respect him likewise.
    I do wish though to be with a man which spiritual desires are compatible with mine. My husband works long hours in what he loves which is high tech engineering (so, no time for anything else besides that, so he thinks), and he is a very responsible man, in the corporeal, egoistic and societal way at least.

    What is the best next thing for me to do? Wait for him to get curious and interested in Kabbalah through example? Or even if this doesn’t ever happen, should I just be content with what I have, which I am, but I do wander if this is the rightest thing for me to do, since it is so easy. Advise please.
    I know I will find my answers as I go deeply into these notions, but if you would give me a boost, I will greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance for your time and care.

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