How to Have an Easy Ramadan

How to Have an Easy RamadanA question I received: I have been studying Kabbalah for two months. At first I felt filled to the brim by something good. But then the month of Ramadan started. I wouldn’t call myself religious, but for the past six years the one Islamic ritual I did observe is the Ramadan, where you fast for a full month.

This year I also started to fast on the first day of Ramadan, but horrible things started happening to me – my egoism started resisting it. My hatred of everyone, rage, and pain became so unbearable that I only lasted for five days, even though in prior years I had no problem observing the Ramadan fast from beginning to end. This time I didn’t just stop observing the fast on the fifth day, but also started feeling attracted to all kinds of “improper behavior” like alcohol, sex, and etc. I’m still studying Kabbalah, but I no longer feel inspired like before. What is happening to me?

My Answer: Kabbalah isn’t against religion as the cultural tradition of a nation. Baal HaSulam writes that even after all the corrections are completed, every person can keep his religion, meaning his traditions. I also observe the traditions of my nation, but only as traditions.

A religious person, on the other hand, observes religious rituals because he believes that he will be rewarded for it. But when one studies Kabbalah, he begins to understand that he is rewarded only to the degree that he corrects his desires, and the reward comes as the Light of fulfillment – the revelation of the Creator to man. Hence, spirituality or the Creator bears no relation to any physical actions in our world.

The religions were invented by people who are inside their egoism, and hence they do not have any of the truth of the Upper World. Nevertheless, if you take on the responsibility of observing the customs of your nation, viewing them as traditions that you want to respect, then it won’t be difficult for you to observe the Ramadan as a custom. As we say in Israel:Tzom Kal – have an easy fast!

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  1. “The religions were invented by people who are inside their egoism, and hence they do not have any of the truth of the Upper World”

    Will you expand upon this statement, perhaps by giving an example of an invented religion, and explaining how an inventor was in egoism?

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