The World Is Our Inner Video Image

131Question: A person who is developing spiritually first feels that all his desires are entangled, he does not know how to direct them, how to balance them. Then there is a surge of egoism (the state of Babylon) when he cannot in any way establish relations with other people. Then he begins to realize his egoism; this is the entrance to Egypt.

In the outside world, where space, time, and motion exist, material pictures are drawn for us, such as Babylon, the desert, etc., but all these stories speak only of the internality, right?

Answer: Yes, just as you have a program on your computer, you run it, and it shows you some videos.

In the same way, we have all kinds of informational records inside us, which are manifested in the fact that we see ourselves existing in this world and acting in accordance with what nature scrolls in front of us. But in fact, this is all our internal video image.

It is as if your inner desires, turned inside out, show this picture so that you can change it. Change your inner qualities and you will see the world outside of you change. Can you imagine what has been given to you? To change yourself on such a big, enlarged scale.

If you change yourself a little, you will see big changes in the world around you, between yourself and inanimate nature, animals, and the people with whom you interact. When you change yourself internally, you see the consequences in the external world. You make your own movies.

Question: Does it turn out that the outside world is like an indicator for me?

Answer: The external world is a reflection of your inner state. If you now see, for example, some wars in the same land of Israel, then you need to change something in yourself. This is the only way you can influence the external situation.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/21

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