Cycles Of Souls

962.2The cycles of souls is a mysterious topic with many different opinions. There are religions that believe a person lives many lives—once in one form, then in another. Is there really such a thing as a circle of souls?

Yes, it exists, as it is written in Kabbalistic books, in the Ari’s book The Gate of Reincarnations and in The Book of Zohar. But this is not at all what ordinary people imagine, people who think that the reincarnation of souls means that my soul moves into another body that lived a hundred years ago. In fact, reincarnation of souls do not refer to bodies at all.

Everything goes through cycles—any desire. And all desires are combined into one system, called Adam, and it includes all levels: still, vegetative, animate, and human. And each desire circulates, that is, it develops in stages, affecting all other desires, uniting into tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. This is called the circles of souls.

But this does not mean that in a previous life a person could have been a cat, a flower, or a stone. The cycles of souls do not relate to the change of the outer, biological shell of flesh and blood.

The soul is a particle of the divine from above, the force of bestowal and love in a person. And if there is no such force in a person, then there is no soul yet. All systems of the material world in which we live today and feel ourselves in a physical body do not belong to the reincarnation of souls.

But it is good that the topic of the cycles of souls is covered with a veil of secrecy. This stops a person, forces him to be more restrained in relation to others. After all, he worries about the next life in this world and in the future world and then treats others better. And in fact, doing good deeds toward others, toward everyone, and being a good person is by far the safest option.

But all stories about who the person was in his past life are a complete deception. The circuits of souls do not refer to our life but to the life of the soul, which an ordinary person does not have. He must work very hard to reach the state of circulation of the soul and see how he can improve his desire with the help of the Masach, reflected light, coupling with striking, and begin to ascend step by step.

This is called the cycle of souls (Neshama), the highest light, because the lights of Haya and Yechida do not enter the spiritual vessel until the end of correction.

In order to achieve the circulation of souls, one must first develop a soul in oneself, the desire to bestow. The desire to bestow for the sake of bestowal is called the soul. This is the willingness to bestow to everyone, to do good to everyone, to get more and more out of egoism. And then I will find that there are cycles in this process because each time I renew my egoistic desire, I can correct it and perform even more actions of bestowal, love, and unity.

So, through cycles, I reach love for the whole world by acquiring the property of universal love in all my desires. And this is called the end of correction (Gmar Tikun). The whole desire to receive pleasure that I had, broken and egoistic, is now corrected, and I see, understand, and feel the whole reality. It turns out that the whole world really belongs to me!
From “KabTV’s Look from the Inside” 5/24/21

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