The Book Of Zohar: Reconstruction Of The Human Image

531.01Question: Why was The Book of Zohar, which was intended for our generation, written so long ago in the second century of our era?

Answer: Because it was written by sages who were in the attainment of the spiritual world at the greatest level, the level of complete correction of the soul,2,000  years ago.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and nine of his disciples, each of whom represented a special spiritual category, joined together, and in this connection formed the image of Adam, complete similarity to the Creator. Therefore, they were able to create for us, the lowest souls, a system of ascent from the lowest level to the highest.

This system already exists. They created a kind of plan for its reconstruction: how we can collect its pieces and glue them together with the help of the influence of the upper light.

This happens as follows: there are people who want to gather the pieces of their souls together, and with this aspiration they also call on the Creator, the upper force, the power of light, to create a glue between them. And so they gradually glue themselves together.

The correct interaction between the pieces of souls and the Creator at each stage of the reconstruction of the image of a human is the impact of The Book of Zohar—how we can unite with each other, gradually, step by step, evoke the influence of the upper light, the upper force that connects us, and we reconstruct ourselves and bring us to a complete, absolute, perfect state.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #3

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