Artificial Political Correctness

552.03Question: Today, in many European countries, people in their everyday life are forced to check their every word in order to not be accused of intolerance, sexism, or racism. Such an attitude toward minorities has been made in society artificially. What do you think about that?

Answer: Such local excesses are absolutely unacceptable. Minorities use this for their own political ends. But in the end we will come to a state when everyone wins, not one part of society over another one.

Question: At present, the task of political correctness and tolerance is to prevent the use of expressions that hint at discrimination and racism since they impede communication between people.

It turns out that tolerance is good. Even if I do not treat others like that, but I play it, I do not offend a person on purpose. Could a game like this lead us to a better state?

Let’s say I’m racist by my nature. But there is a law in the country and to follow it, I cannot offend a person. Nevertheless, we can see that this does not develop further, does not pass into mindfulness, but always remains at the external level. And at the first opportunity, everything collapses.

Answer: This will gradually pass away. In the meantime, it is worthwhile to introduce tolerance laws, even by violent methods, carefully, gradually. As a result, people will see that it really works.

Question: By glossing over all the causes of the disease, we do not let ourselves establish the correct diagnosis and come to the realization that I am a racist indeed. Doesn’t such political correctness prevent you from coming to the realization of evil?

Answer: No. On the contrary, by working on yourself, you begin to realize who you really are. Internally, you realize the evil of your nature, that you really hate others, that you are a racist. On the other hand, laws, political correctness, still keep you within limits.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/16/20

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