The Creator’s Morse Code

528.02The main thing is that we constantly strive to connection, to maintain unity. We have been separated from above, and we connect again. This is how we work together with the Creator: He separates us, we connect, He separates us again, we connect again.

We must realize our connection with the Creator in this mutual work. And then, in the disconnections that He causes in us and the connections between us through which we connect with Him, we begin to distinguish His language—like Morse Code: dot, dash, beep, beep…

The Creator Himself makes the disconnection, and we ask Him to connect us. Then in all these actions, we begin to feel the Creator and understand what He wants to tell us, like in a coded radio message: beep-beep-beeeeep-beep…

We feel the Creator speaking to us through the entries and exits of the light into our Kli and explaining what more advanced forms we need to reach in order to come closer to Him. The Creator teaches us how to come closer and closer to Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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