Middle Line—The Path Of Man

508.2Hatred, rejection, disagreement, and misunderstanding are in essence the opposite form of the Creator, the opposite form of unity. From that, we gradually come to the attainment of the Creator.

The more we develop from generation to generation, the more we feel ourselves as individualists separated from others. Yet, if we cover all crimes with love, we will be able to connect above all differences.

The difference between rejection and connection, between hatred and love, gives the intensity of the revelation of the Creator. This difference remains as the depth of desire on top of which the connection arises: restriction, screen, and reflected light. Then between the minus and the plus, we feel the power of the revelation of the Creator who, like glue, connects all the opposites together.

This is why the Creator broke the common soul of Adam HaRishon, entered with all His force between its broken pieces, and stayed there in His opposite form so that we could reveal Him from His opposite to understand love from hatred, unity and connection from rejection and misunderstanding, until we come to complete adhesion.

Therefore, connecting the parts of Adam HaRishon into one system or revealing the Creator who is gluing us together is one and the same.

The work is simple: between me and my friends is the Creator in the opposite form, which , through my efforts, request, and prayer, I transform from the force of rejection into the force of connection, adhesion, so that the darkness will shine as light. In the place of endless hatred, the black abyss between us, the strongest light will appear, the connection and love of a great strength precisely because of the revealed darkness.

We understand that reality consists of good and evil, that one cannot be without the other and both are equally important because it is in the connection between them that the Creator is revealed. It is very difficult to keep hatred when love comes. We do not want to think about hatred, we are drawn to love with all our heart. It is a much harder job to hold on to hatred and not throw yourself into the ocean of love.

However, we must consist of both of them, and only then do we stand opposite the Creator. The Creator is a single force of absolute good. We, however, include two forces and build a middle line between them with the help of the Creator, who is there with us.

We have to get used to the fact that every person always includes two opinions, two forces, two opposite desires. In the correct creation, two forms of nature must be combined, and in the middle between them, we want to establish the Creator so that “He who makes peace above will make peace upon us and upon all Israel.” By understanding the difference between good and evil, light and darkness, we reveal the upper force upon the contrast of opposite states. If we try to reveal good and evil, hatred and love, separation and connection, rejection and attraction between friends, we will reveal the Creator between us and build a middle line.

Hatred and love support each other like oil and a wick, which together light up a candle. There must always be resistance (a wick), an inability to connect, and, at the same time, oil and light. This is how we build the correct attitude to reality.

Therefore, all the attempts of the world to come to good will only lead to even greater revelation of evil until we realize that we need a different method for our existence. We cannot destroy each other by eliminating all opposites, as egoism would like. On the contrary, it is by using all the opposites that we can construct the middle line. This will now become evident everywhere in the world, especially in the most developed countries.

Opposites remain, but all transgressions are covered with love. If we do not follow this path, we will not be able to create and maintain a family, raise children, or achieve peace between parties within the country and between countries. We will become a destructive force in nature. Inanimate matter, plants, and animals can exist because they are controlled by nature and instinctively act correctly. Humans, however, can only exist if they find the middle line.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/7/20, “Middle Line”

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