Turn On The Light In You Soul

530If we overcome the resistance of the egoism allotted to us according to the root of the soul to the fullest and reach connection in the ten, then the Creator can be revealed between us.

The opposition between light and darkness, separation and connection, reaches such a point that this contrast between egoism and holiness is sufficient to make darkness shine as light. The first light is revealed in us, the light of Nefesh, and we enter the path of light.

The tension between disconnection and the yearning to connect reaches such a magnitude that it makes the light turn on, like a light bulb that lights up on 220 volts. The intensity of our connection and our opposition becomes so great that darkness begins to shine as light. From the darkness, we invite and draw the Creator into our connection.

To the extent that I get used to appreciate the dark states in which I have no desire, no mind, no correct thoughts, and know that they connect us, I turn on the light in my dark soul, that is, I reveal the Creator more and more.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/9/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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