Feel The Shades Of Love

621Question: There are two forces in nature. They can be called love and hatred, good and evil, plus and minus, forces of attraction and repulsion. It is the balance between them that creates harmony. Can you say that love means harmony between two forces?

Answer: It means mutual complementing. A person should simply see for himself that if he loves someone, he wants to give him what he wants, from which he will rejoice. And vice-versa.

Question: You very often use the words “connection” and “love,” and you never get tired of it. Do you feel something different every time?

Answer: Yes. There are new shades every time. Saying the word “love,” I always feel a new fulfillment.

Question: How can we learn this?

Answer: Only through feelings. I have already said that love and hatred are sensory concepts that are not used in Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a science that operates with clear physical definitions.

Love is the force of attraction, hate is the force of rejection. And it can be measured.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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