To Love Is To Fulfill The Other

632.3Question: In our world, there is an interesting possibility of smiling at a person and pretending that I like him when internally I may hate him. Therefore, he does not even know how I feel. Is this not so in Kabbalah?

Answer: If we are talking about purely spiritual processes, they do not involve any external, distracting, and concealing signs.

Question: To love means to fulfill the other, to live according to his desires. What does this give to a person? After all, this is against our nature.

Answer: This is against our nature, but if you can rise above your nature and remain in this state, then you are getting closer to the other. Despite your rejection of him, you fulfill him. Then, you really perform the action of bestowal by getting closer to the other altruistically.

Question: What does this give to a person? Why should he act like this? Besides, you say that nature pushes us to do this.

Answer: Otherwise, we will not be able to get closer to others. I must always rise above my rejection, hatred, or something unpleasant that comes from another person to me and get closer to him.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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