Virtual Communication Advantages

962.5Question: What are the differences between face-to-face and virtual methods of teaching?

Answer: Today, my teaching is also education. In principle, it has always been like this. Our study is based on mutual communication between everyone; me with students, students with me, questions and answers, and all kinds of discussions.

Therefore, I, from the beginning, warmly welcomed the Internet that has given us this opportunity. Back in the 90s, we created the first Internet site for the wisdom of Kabbalah in our region.

Question: What do you personally consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of virtual communication?

Answer: I see only advantages in this. After all, as a teacher, I can communicate with many students directly in real time and thus have the opportunity to teach thousands of people whereas, at one point in time, I could only teach a few dozen.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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