How To Understand That Love Is The Law?

610.2Question: Unreasonable hatred and absolute love can arise between people without any physical contact with each other. Why?

Answer: The fact is that we love or hate because we have all sorts of limitations, the so-called Reshimot (information records).

We were taught that this is good and this is bad, habits and tastes were instilled in us, and on the basis of these factors, we either attract or repel one another. That is why there are such misunderstandings between us.

Question: Many people with whom I talk about love immediately become nervous and irritated. Like how much can you talk about this?! Love and unification are mantras and meanwhile the world is getting worse. All talk and no action.

On the other hand, according to Kabbalah, love is the law. But I’m not nervous when I feel the impact of the law of gravity on me. Yes, it does bother me since I want to fly and I cannot.

How can one explain or prove that love is the law? Will it ever be possible to do so?

Answer: It is not so difficult to prove that love is a law of nature. We see that everything is born and exists through love. But love cannot be without hatred because it must manifest itself over something else; we must feel it relative to something else. Therefore, in nature there are always two opposite concepts which complement and indicate each other.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/23/20

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