My Thoughts On Twitter 11/26/20

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Humanity’s problem now lies in realizing that the only right exit out of the crisis lies in correcting human relationships from egoistic to altruistic. Returning to business relations without correcting human relations will lead to a huge crisis!

When the bestowing intention fills the whole gap inside of the will to enjoy, we can then use this water to irrigate the earth and revive the crops, and let the animals drink: the donkeys, camels or people, and gradually reach corrections. Digging wells is the beginning of the spiritual work.

To dig up a well is to receive an intention for the sake of bestowal within a corrupt desire, plain earth. We must find a place for the well, come to feel a deficiency, and begin digging up the ground until the hollow in the earth begins filling up with water, the qualities of Bina, i.e., aspirations to work for the sake of bestowal.

Separating the egoistic intention from desire is possible only by uniting with friends. Together we dig up the common desire, as a house is built on piling: holes are dug up and filled with concrete, and then the building is erected vertically over it.
We dig up the egoistic intentions and in its place we put down intentions for the sake of bestowal.

By acquiring intentions for the sake of bestowal, man can shift his rock (stony heart) that’s plugging the well, and then everyone will be able to enjoy the water from the well. The well-hole filled with water, i.e. the light of Hassadim, is a well filled with living water.
The light of Hassadim endows the earth with strength, granting a new harvest.
From Twitter, 11/26/20

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