How Can A Law Of Nature Be Jealous?

592.02Question: What does the expression “The Creator is jealous” mean? After all, we see Him as the law of nature. In addition, it is said: “If you leave Me for one day, then I will leave you for two days.” How can the law of nature be jealous?

Answer: The Creator is a higher power that requires development from us. Therefore, if we let go of Him and do not pay attention to this power, then He plays with us in such a way that we begin to feel our behavior was wrong. If we leave Him for a day, He leaves us for two days so that we can hold on to Him.

Question: How does this manifest itself?

Answer: Just like you have with your child who does not pay attention to you and you think about how you can attract him to you.

Question: Yes, but with the child, we have common organs of sensation, with the Creator, we do not. How can I decipher that the Creator left me for two days?

Answer: You feel on yourself that you suddenly stopped doing the things that you need. You have to deal with them, but you cannot, so you have no attraction to them.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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