The Creator Is More Jealous Than A Woman

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator deliberately puts various obstacles in our way so that we cannot cope with them, overcome them.

Why? So we will reach out to Him, ask Him, look toward Him, and draw near Him! He gets very jealous if we look at each other instead of looking at Him! He is more jealous than a woman! I say this in all seriousness.

It is very important! That is why the Creator constantly puts us in such situations that we are unable to overcome—so that we would yearn for Him, request that He help us. That is how parents sometimes behave toward their children: on one hand, they want the children to do something on their own, and on the other hand, that they are compelled to get the parents help.

In case of the Creator, it is quite simple. From the very beginning of our journey, if we are walking the right path, then every step that we make, we are never able to do without the Creator—never! In our lives, we learn how to walk, then walk on our own, grow up, and become adults.

In spirituality this is not so. In spirituality, our need for the Creator is constant; it only grows stronger and stronger, and then we truly come to a greater adhesion with Him. After all, the Creator opens up the system to us, but we do not know how to operate within it.

After we exert efforts in the connection between us, we increasingly open up the place where He has to explain and fulfill. And then He is revealed, always in response to a request for Him! There is none else besides Him.

Therefore, if we are unable to connect, it is natural and good. We only need to remember who puts these obstacles in our way—He does, so that we will turn to Him.

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