Why Do We Need All These Obstacles?!

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll the obstacles stem from the unified force of nature. What do we need these obstacles for? Suppose I realized that this force has cut the ground under my feet, that it has misguided me, has forced me to forget the goal, the search, because it has caused me pain, worry, an unpleasant feeling, and I began to feel afraid of something, to worry about something. After all, I am only human, and it’s very easy to knock me out. And what’s next? What do we need all this for?

We need it so that we will feel that we cannot manage without this force, without its personal help to each one; that without our appeal to what we call the upper Light, the Surrounding Light, we cannot advance. Attaining this state is the next level of our development. When I understand that everything that happens is done only by this one and only force, and that it does it on purpose so that I will need its help, while I cannot do anything on my own, this is already the beginning of direct interaction with it. This is a very important and serious stage that cannot be attained if the surrounding environment doesn’t support me.

We have talked about the fact that a person actually has no free will in this world. He is totally managed by his genes, hormones, and other things. There are people who can predict a person’s future. It is really so, except for one thing: Free will is actually expressed in self-development aimed at the search for this force, for the direction towards it, the connection with it, and the demand that it help us, which is most important. This is actually what it wants: to help us if we ask it to do so.

Why does such an immense, perfect, and eternal force that includes all of nature, not confined by our corporeal frameworks of time and place, and unlimited in its capabilities and actions, why does it need us to need it, to ask it, and to expect that it will do something with us since we cannot do it by ourselves? Why does it need such actions on our part, our weak attempts?

It’s necessary so that we will develop a new desire in us that doesn’t exist in nature: a desire to be in contact with it, to attain it, and to work together with it. To the extent that this desire develops in us, this force makes contact with us and is revealed in this desire. Then I can feel this great managing force.

From this recognition, from this feeling, we begin to understand everything: who we are, where we are, for what reason, for what purpose, and what is happening to us. Therefore, I should want the revelation of this force in me. I have to develop this desire in me by myself; otherwise I will not be independent. If it gives me this desire, I will not be free. And if so, what’s the point in creating all this?…
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3 

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  1. First off I want to thank you for this posting. Perfect time. Now i no longer need to fight myself on how to bring it up; as is the case lately. Also to avoid unnecessary obstacles… but anyway I’m no stranger to the subject, from coping with an obstacle by telling yourself it has a purpose; though not seeing it yet. and as the magnitude of each passing obstacle increases so does the necessity for faith above reason, for the obstacles become less reasonable. There is no way i could deal with any of it as happening to me… on the level of this world there is no remedy for the events that manifest themselves, just a nightmare existence. but i’ve sensed enought Truth to know (plus He wasn’t giving me much of a choice) that I must work in faith above reason. and if at first i was forced into this state, I come to appreciate the beauty of this place. You start to see, and you take the obstacles for what they really are… for one cannot hear the Creators calls within reason:) the obstacle keep coming and intensifying, but no longer a corporeal issue

    i mentioned in the beginning that i’ve been struggling with voicing my concerns on the subject, because as I see my obstacles as of late and that it must lead to a connection felt by us all. A prayer from the depths of my heart to unite… to be accepted as a part of you. Not to share in misery, but rejoice in the love, and so we can give back the Good that He wishes for us to see….

  2. Thank you for this wonderful commentary., Rabbi Laitman.

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