Fluctuations On The Spiritual Path

600.01Question: In integral education courses, first you must give students a common goal, guide them to know the world or at least to search. The goal should be clear, achievable, and specific. Along with this, we must check if the student is progressing correctly. Can attendance and active participation result from the fact that he is moving toward the goal?

Answer: Yes and no. In the process of study, great changes, fluctuations, rises and falls occur in him. So, it is impossible to determine this clearly at every moment.

Question: While studying, a person begins to realize the evilness of his egoistic nature, how different he is from the ideals and principles that we study. Could this be the result of advancement?

Answer: This is one of the results. If a person does not feel and does not realize himself as an egoist, then he has not revealed himself.

Question: The most reliable indicator of progress is joy, a sense of fulfillment from the process itself. Can this be considered a result?

Answer: Sometimes. It happens that a person gets frustrated. Moving forward consists of a very clear, consistent change in states, moods, and events. Otherwise, there is no progress. It always includes descents, ascents, circuits.

Question: At a certain stage, a person begins to reconsider their values in life. Moreover, material values fade into the background. How do you determine what is necessary and what is not?

Answer: Everyone decides for themselves. This is completely irrelevant to the purpose of life. It is about necessities.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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