Everything Is Measured Relative To The Highest Goal

268.02Question: Baal HaSulam writes in his article “The Peace“: We need not excessively examine the Mitzva (singular for Mitzvot) of reception, since the punishment is carried out immediately, which prevents any neglect.”

What is this about? Indeed, in reality, we do not observe those who receive being punished by nature.

Answer: The fact that we do not see punishments and rewards does not mean anything. In nature, everything is created in such a way that both punishment and reward follow immediately, they simply are not revealed to us.

Question: You mean to say that people who receive more than they give and use others are getting punished by nature, but we do not see this. What is their punishment then?

Answer: In our world we see everything the other way around. “The righteous suffer, the wicked prosper” (Masechet Berakhot, 7a, 25) People who rudely use this world and exploit others are envied by everyone because we do not see the big picture. You can’t do anything here.

Everything is measured relative to the highest goal, which we do not yet understand, do not see, and do not approve of, i.e., regarding the unification of absolutely everyone into one single system. This is exactly the state that is lost by people who are using everything for themselves.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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