Why Does The Creator Punishes Us?

laitman_527_03Question from Facebook: If the Creator manages everything, why should a person be punished? After all, he has no freedom in his actions.

Answer: If the Creator manages everything, we apparently don’t have anything to do. He will think of everything and we could lie down as comfortably as possible and wait and see what happens later. But we were given egoism, which opposes the Creator. We need to change it so it will resemble Him.

That is our work. If we involve ourselves with that, we will get a good response from the Creator. And if not, then we receive punishment from Him, which forces us to. That is the entire management system.

The Creator leads us to understand where we are, what works, what influences us, and what is required of us. But we also, each one of us, must work together with Him as partners – He and I. So we must imagine we are facing the Creator and He is influencing us by stimulating our thoughts and movements.

Everything that we say, think, and feel comes from Him.

But He also requires a particular response from us. Even though He is also the one who summons the response, we must understand this and connect with it. The result will be that we will be in adhesion with Him. We must constantly live in adhesion with Him.

Then new states will be revealed in our lives and we will see how life becomes more calm, comfortable, balanced, and secure. The only thing we need is to come into direct contact with the Creator. This is something we can do.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/30/16

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