Basic Income—To Each According To His Needs

592.04Question: Today, basic income has for the first time managed to penetrate the mainstream and it has even been tested in some places. It was a utopian idea until recently, but suddenly, times have changed. You are a supporter of this model. But don’t you consider it as equalization? After all, when we talk about basic income, we mean the same amount for everyone.

Answer: No, basic income should be given to everyone according to their needs. And the fact that today it is the same for everyone is only to help get rid of the problem.

Question: Who can determine a person’s needs? Our nature is that we will always cheat.

Answer: No, we are not talking about our nature when everyone receives like it is today, and everyone suffers from it. The true basic income is that everyone gets as much as they need and no more, according to their own choice.

Question: Can you imagine what kind of self-awareness a person must have for him to say: “I need just this much and no more”?

Answer: Self-awareness is very simple: man must believe in the highest reward, meaning, what he will be getting for trying to take only what he needs. He receives the highest reward for fulfilling this condition.

Comment: Here you introduce a new element; this is impossible without understanding the higher force.

My Response: Without the Creator, without God, without the higher force, without higher reward and punishment, without the higher state—call it a paradise or whatever—it is impossible.

Question: And how is this different from religion? Most people today are religious, but we see that they are not influenced in any way. What kind of faith are you talking about?

Answer: I am talking about the kind of faith when we sense the upper force, come into contact with it, exchange mutual reception and bestowal with it, and this is what we exist for.

Question: This is a very important point. It turns out that until a person feels the higher force, he will not be able to say: “I need exactly this much and I give the rest to you”?

Answer: No, he cannot. Otherwise, we will have socialism.

Faith means feeling the Creator, a sensation of the common force that holds the entire universe in itself.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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