Scholarship Instead Of Welfare For Unemployment, Part 2

laitman_426The introduction of guaranteed basic income without its link to the system of integral education in which a person will be required to learn, will lead to terrible consequences. Left without any responsibilities and without work, a person becomes worse than an animal.

After all, the animal, if fed, will lie quietly and sleep, like in a zoo. But a person cannot live in a zoo, he needs to give way to his egoism, which is not present in animals.

And what will such a person do that has nothing to do? The results are obvious, it’s enough to visit “ghost towns” in the northern US, the former auto industry zone, which lost all its enterprises and left people without jobs.

In losing a job, a person must move to a new job, to become a student in integral education courses until the end of his life. And it should be explained that due to this, he performs the work: physical, educational, and civil. If instead of a lost salary he wants to receive a scholarship, then he must study.

In parallel to this study, it will be required to join the work necessary for society. Gradually, people will get used to this new style of work, where they learn and work together for common good. We have reached a new stage in the development of mankind, when people will need to work only where human participation is required, and machines will do everything else.

It is possible to implement such a pilot project in one city and check to see how much crime declines, the school situation improves, and the divorces diminish.

It will be a completely different life when we aren’t chasing money, trying to earn an extra thousand dollars, so that someone up there will makes on us another hundred thousand, but we will simply enjoy life: material and spiritual.

At the same time, there will be no need for modern economic models, only the most basic economic calculations will remain. Of course, it is difficult to expect that the stock exchange will gladly close, and the financial elite, several thousand of the richest families, will give their power away to all the others below.

But we do not need to know now how this will happen. It is only necessary to do everything possible to draw a little bit of Light that returns to the Source into human society, and the Light will do the rest.

Therefore, we do not need detailed plans for all actions; we are not going to do anything to change the world. We know only that it is necessary to establish an integral educational system and gradually add to it the work necessary for society.

I’m not going to solve all the problems now, and no Kabbalist would have done it. Our job is just to let the Light work.

Question: How can you persuade the authorities to adopt such a program that does not offer practical steps and criteria for their evaluation?

Answer: This program is the most practical one. You can take a ghost town like Detroit and see how much the maintenance of such a city costs the government and what harmful impact it has on the entire United States. And then check what will happen if we introduce a universal integral education to the city, backed up by a universal basic income.

Simply compare the costs and profits afterward, and the benefits will be obvious. After all, keeping a person in prison costs much more than giving him an integral education.

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