Wonder Woman, Part 5

laitman_553Question: If people become super-heroes who give instead of take, then what are they going to derive pleasure from? Success is always determined in relation to others: you earned $100 and I earned $150 that means that I am more successful. If this relationship no longer exists, then what will be the source of pleasure?

Answer: Pleasure will come from the fact that you give to the entire world and feel it as your own soul. The entire world is you; you express yourself through everyone. You span the entire world and feel the upper force, the upper world, through others. If I relate to others with love, then within them I reveal my upper world.

I exchange my egoistic desires for altruistic desires, death for life, and begin to feel that life is eternal, without limits, full of pleasure. I see the entire world from end to end, rising above material existence and identifying myself with the upper force, with the Creator.

Question: Does this super-hero live in a super-world that no one other than him experiences?

Answer: It’s a world that can only be sensed within the desire to bestow. Right now we experience reality only from the point of view of constant reception. But if we change our perspective from egoistic to altruistic, without any regard for ourselves and only with the intention to give to others, then from that perspective we will begin to experience a new world, an upper world.

Right now, in our desire to fill ourselves and receive only for our own benefit, we sense only the lower world. But as soon as we change our desire from benefitting ourselves to benefitting and fulfilling others, then in this intention we begin to sense an opposite world, the upper and limitless reality because in reception we are limited, but in bestowal we are not!

The upper world is eternal because our experiences and our abilities within it do not have limits. That’s why we experience ourselves as living an eternal life, limited by nothing. All depends only on our ability to give, which begins to open up within us more and more.

This is the type of correction we need to make in our lives, separating ourselves from this egoistic reality. Israel must do this first, because in the Torah it is written that we are obligated to come to love of others. And within this love, we will then reveal the upper world.

We existed in this state at one time and fell from it, that is why we possess hidden strengths that permit us to return. The world waits only for this from us, hoping to receive the method of correction from us. That is why as life in this world becomes harder and crises grow everyone will increasingly blame Israel.

The film about the Israeli saving the world awakens hope in the world that the nation of Israel will fulfill its mission and realize correction. But is this what we are doing? We are obligated to start progressing toward love of others, about which it is written, “All of Israel are friends.”

We are the only ones who are able to correct the evil in the world because we possess the methodology called the science of Kabbalah. The movie is portraying a particular character, a super-hero; however, the entire nation of Israel is called “chosen” by the virtue of the mission laid upon it. We are not yet super-heroes, but we are obligated to become them and care for the entire world, rescuing it from the egoism in which it is drowning.

The program of correction is actualized in two stages. First, the nation of Israel must correct itself. And then, with the strength accumulated through that correction, we will be able to correct the entire world.

Israel must become a nation of super-people, bound to each other by love and mutual guarantee. This correction will impact the entire world and all nations will join with Israel as one man with one heart. As it is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Question: Do you really think this is realistic?

Answer: It is inevitable! Either we come to this as a result of tremendous pressure and an even greater Holocaust than the one that took place during WWII or we carry out the correction willingly and consciously. This is our obligation.
From KabTV’s “A New Life, #865,” 6/8/17

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