Unearthly Motivation

630.2Question: How appropriate is the carrot and stick principle in an integral approach to motivation?

Answer: We see that nature constantly uses this principle. It doesn’t ask us, it just pushes us and that’s it.

Question: Do you think the carrot and stick method is acceptable at work, in society?

Answer: Yes. In any case, we only understand either the carrot or the stick. Nature and society cannot affect us in any other way because we clearly perceive only reward and punishment. The difference is in their shape.

Question: What are the features of Kabbalistic motivation?

Answer: This is a completely different level, when we rise above reward and punishment, i.e., above knowledge, and go only by the power of bestowal, love, and without any egoistic motives. It opens up completely different spaces, different circumstances. This is called faith above reason.

Question: Where does a person draw energy from if there are no egoistic motives?

Answer: From above. Our nature has a very interesting, I would say unique source of energy that can provide a person with unearthly, unselfish motivation, and the person will do the job.

The science of Kabbalah has a method for getting the energy and motivation that we cannot feel with our senses.

Question: Do you think it’s easier to motivate children than adults?

Answer: Of course, because children are attracted to certain, specific items, objects, and rewards. So they are easy to manipulate. Adults are much more difficult. And the most difficult thing is to train an adult to manipulate himself.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 8/28/20

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