Motivation For Action

592.04Question: The word “motivation” comes from the Latin phrase “urge to action.” Motivation is the process of encouraging someone to take action to achieve a specific goal. There are different kinds of motivation from very selfish to caring for the whole world.

What is motivation from the point of view of the science of Kabbalah?

Answer: Motivation is an internal desire that prompts a person to action, leaving one no opportunity to remain indifferent and pushes one to achieve a certain result, which as it were, is already formed in the motivation.

According to Kabbalah, every person should have a life motivation that he or she needs to realize. Otherwise one’s whole life is devoid of any meaning.

Question: Can motivation be called fuel without which it is impossible to take a single step?

Answer: Yes. It also includes fuel. But this is not enough. There must be a direction, there must be a goal fully formed within a person, a clear understanding of it. Then one’s whole life will take on meaning and every movement will be purposefully motivated.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 8/28/20

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