The Single Upper Education System

115If we do not ask for corrected desires, then the Creator will still reveal desires to us, but they will be corrupted ones in accordance with our corrupted request.

Just like when a child asks his mother for something unnecessary and even a little harmful. She gives him a little of what he asks for so that he is convinced that his request is wrong, not good, and needs to be changed.

That is how she teaches him, and this is the right way to learn. After all, she does not face the child head-on, categorically stating: “No, you are not allowed this!” She says: “Do you want to get it? I will give you a little bit to make you feel that this is not good and to understand that what I advise for you is better for you.”

In this form, the mother teaches the child that she understands better what is good for him and that he should listen to her advice in the future. Then next time he will know what to ask.

Try to treat your children and yourself in this way, and you will learn and understand how the Creator treats us. All this will unfold before you as a single upper system of education according to which the Creator teaches us. The Torah is designed to educate us to be exalted, eternal, and perfect creatures, and most importantly, connected.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/20, “Bereshit” 

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