Days And Years Of A Person’s Life

032.01It is written in Bereshit: “And there was evening and there was morning, one day.” The entire Torah is intended only for people who want to get closer to the Creator. They need to distinguish between “evening” and “morning,” and realize this is one day. If we do not pass these two states, evening and morning, then it means that we are not moving toward our correction.

It is worth counting how many ups and downs I had per day, what their result is, and how I feel about them. Am I completely disconnected from the Creator and from the work during my descent? Do I regret what happened and focus on the state itself or do I regret that the Creator disappeared and I remained an animal during the descent? This means that I still have a connection with the Creator but only from the reverse side.

You need to figure out the difference between day and night, darkness and light. These states are constantly changing in us and give us new sensations. It is worth accustoming oneself not to lose contact with the Creator even in the greatest darkness, remembering that darkness comes from Him on purpose, in order to form in us a feeling of separation from Him and our friends. This is what we call darkness.

And as soon as we feel darkness, that is, disconnection from the Creator, from spiritual life, we immediately strive to unite with the friends and with the Creator. It turns out that we have a very strong and sure means for a quick return to the state of day.

The more we go through such states, separation from the spiritual process, from the group, and from the Creator during the day, the more we take steps forward. After all, everything is measured according to the feeling of night, that is, disconnection from the spiritual, and day, connection with the spiritual.

The more we make such leaps forward, toward our unification, the more we will receive disconnection as a response in order to renew our connection again, which the Creator will again cut off.

All separations come from the Creator, and all connections come from our efforts and prayer to Him. So, we constantly do joint work with Him: “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me.” The Creator awakens the night, and we ask Him and awaken the day.

For us, the night is called the state of disconnection from the group, from the friends, from the common soul, and from the Creator who fills it. And the day is, on the contrary, the feeling of connection between us as one man, one Creator revealed between us.

Let’s count how many such days and nights we go through in one physical, geographical, earthly day. According to them, the years of man’s life are calculated.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/20, “Bereshit

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