What Is The Brain?

232.02Question: What is the human brain?

Answer: The human brain is nothing more than a memory device, a simple computer that is located essentially, not in our head, but in the surrounding space with which we are in contact.

Thus, in fact, there is nothing in our brain itself, just a modem, a mechanism for connecting to the common big brain.

Question: Who controls it?

Answer: Nature, the common mind. Man is a consequence of its control.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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Guide For Round Tables, Part 18

528.03Can our states be programmed?

Question: Is it necessary to lead the participants through all stages in each round? Should a person go through one or several sensory states at each meeting?

Answer: Any state of a person consists of several states, even if we cannot differentiate them. Therefore, you should not strictly limit yourself in advance. Today we are talking only about this and nothing else. A person may not understand and become isolated if he is not given the opportunity to maneuver to determine where he is.

Question: Suppose, at the next meeting, I want a person to feel the evil of his egoistic nature. I arrange the meeting accordingly. We discuss this topic, read excerpts from original texts, and do special exercises. I want him to feel it.

It is quite possible that now he is in a different state or, on the contrary, feels a surge of emotions and cannot analyze his egoism. Can these states be programmed?

Answer: No, this is impossible. The human soul cannot be programmed, organized, described, or put into any framework.

Question: How do you do it? You teach, there are several thousand people in front of you, and each is in some state of their own. But you still have some kind of lesson plan.

Answer: I imagine a prefabricated image and work for it. It is very bad when I need to isolate some of its properties, for example, North Americans or Africans, or someone else based on some earthly or spiritual characteristics. It is best when it is one image.

Question: But I, as a moderator, must plan these meetings, select materials, and prepare people for the upcoming states?

Answer: Of course. Otherwise how are you going to conduct workshops and all unifying events? And then each individual will feel some of his own states.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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Sleepiness Or Insomnia?

563Question: One of the diseases of humanity now is a problem with sleep, either insomnia or sleepiness. How do we deal with this?

Answer: I do not think we should treat this as a problem. Just go with the flow as much as you can, and gradually your body will find out how it needs to adapt to this state.

Here you just need to devote yourself to the correct, normal lifestyle, not too much exercise, not too much laziness. Then you will see that the amount of sleep you get is enough for you.

So what if you sleep for five hours? It’s all right; it means you do not need more sleep. And if necessary, the body will make adjustments.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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Humbleness Of The Leader

963.6Remark: One of the most important qualities of biblical leaders was humbleness.

My Comment: This is inherent to all great people who perceive themselves not as something existing, but as existing for the sake of something. They live for the sake of the upper idea. Therefore, they do not perceive an individual as having value of its own.

A leader is humble because he understands that the leadership qualities are given to him by nature, and therefore does not attribute them to himself.

Not perceiving anything in the world to be higher than the idea, he sees himself as its conductor to the masses. And the masses can only be its implementers.
From Kab TV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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What Is The Point Of Self-Persuasion?

623Question: What is the point of self persuasion by a person’s artificial efforts that there is a good and well-focused power that manages everything? Isn’t this a corporeal psychological attitude?

Answer: If by this assertion I begin to feel that I am changing my philosophy of life, my attitude to what is happening, and all this changes me, you can call it whatever you like. The main point is that there are changes inside me, which lead to changes in my life, and that’s what matters.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/18/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/20/20

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