Guide For Round Tables, Part 16

544A Game as a Model of the Future State

Question: You say that playing helps create a model of a future state. Could you describe what this model is? What forces are we invoking by this?

Answer: If we play correctly and strive to come to the only correct decision, then we bring balance to the forces of nature. It turns out that we are playing out our perfect state.

Question: Let’s say we want to make a decision. To do this, we imagine what the optimal solution should be and try to come to it. We try to present our organization one step higher and play in this state. What happens then?

Answer: You practically pull yourself up to it. You invoke forces that will then develop you to this state.

Question: It turns out that there are some secret forces in nature that are established in it in potential?

Answer: Everything is established in nature, all our future states. Thus, through a game, we call upon them.

Question: How do people know what their future state is? Should they imagine how they would like to perceive it?

Answer: It doesn’t matter how they play; the main thing is to play. As children develop when they play, so do we develop, but we do not realize it. The whole life is a game.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

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