Neutral Strip Between Good And Evil

232.06Nature obeys rigid laws, and if we follow them, we can live well, and if not, we get blows.

But the Creator gives us some time to choose freely in order to start acting and avoid being hit. He does not begin to beat us immediately, so as not to confront us with the inevitable, but wants us to understand and act consciously, from the desire to become like Him.

Physical laws act immediately, like the law of gravity.  If I jump off the slope, I immediately fall, without any time to think.

But in the spiritual world there is a system of Klipot that changes the laws of nature, creating the difference between good and evil, the distance between them. And therefore we can use this distance so as not to expose ourselves immediately to the blows, but to be able to connect with each other and avoid blows by warning it with medicine.

The medicine is Bina’s power that we can use. While in material nature there is no such force, everything is simple: either minus or plus. In the spiritual, there is a minus, plus, and their overlapping in the middle where we are included in both forces and can build a buffer zone containing both opposites.

This system, which includes two forces, is called “man,” Adam, because it contains the desire to receive pleasure and the intention to bestow, due to which we become like the Creator.

In the inanimate, plant, and animal world, which are studied by natural sciences, there is no such intermediate system. Therefore, science cannot comprehend the psychology of even an ordinary, earthly person and even more so a spiritual one. To understand a spiritual person, the science of Kabbalah is necessary, which explains to us how a person is arranged.

Everything that science knows about a human belongs to his animal level and is obtained experimentally. This allows us to create medicines for the biological body. But the human himself, his inner essence, is inaccessible for measurements by any instruments and is not subject to any verification.

Only the science of Kabbalah is capable of studying a person through instruments of the highest level, from above and not from below as we usually study inanimate matter, plants, and animals.

Therefore, in the current crisis, nothing can help humanity except for the science of Kabbalah and its methods. Until then, we will have to suffer. Therefore, we are trying to spread the knowledge about the method of correction in all possible ways.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/25/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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