A Third Party Will Not Help

546.02Question: In order to resolve a conflict, it is necessary to carry out the following operational steps: analysis and assessment of the situation, collection of information, selection of a conflict resolution strategy, formation of a plan for an exit from the conflict, and its implementation. Then we give an assessment of to what extent we have reached a common point in resolving the conflict.

Do you agree with these steps?

Answer: In general, yes. But we need to see the goal in advance, the final state we must achieve, the connection above the conflict situation so that it no longer divides but unites us.

Question: Let us say, a group of people who are taking an integral education course is at the initial stage. Will they be able to come to a decision on their own without a moderator?

Answer: Only if they have a clear understanding of how to resolve this issue.

Question: Does it mean that they themselves can come to the resolution of conflicts without the intervention of a third party?

Answer: If they have a correct step-by-step methodology with explanations and clarifications, then they can do without a moderator. In principle, in the future, by applying this technique, people will be able to resolve conflicts in the family, at work, no matter where.

Question: Suppose in our community there is a conflict situation between several people. The whole group is engaged. It splits into two sides that begin to clash. How can this conflict be resolved?

Answer: They must get together and imagine the correct end state of the already resolved conflict. Then from this final state they must look for methods of reaching it.

Remark: This is very interesting because, in principle, two people cannot find a solution until a third party intervenes, which, if there is luck, can resolve the conflict.

My Comment: These are all egoistic, non-integral, completely wrong decisions. After all, they will not be able to rise and grow above conflicts.

Question: Will the precise help of an experienced instructor help?

Answer: Only guiding questions that enable them to be implemented correctly.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/16/20

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