Who Is A Good Mayor?

568.01Question: Mayors of several Mexican cities, New York, Europe, and Africa gathered on Zoom to discuss how to restore their cities after the virus, i.e., build bike paths, green lawns, parks, work for people, to integrate nature into cities.

The fact that mayors of many cities, quite egoistic individuals, are connecting together to seek mutual assistance, is this progress?

Answer: On the one hand, they are egoistic individuals, but on the other hand, they are the closest to the people because they are engaged in providing their citizens with normal living conditions. They are the closest and also are responsible for everything. So mayors of cities are not a government that sits and invents some new laws.

Question: Do you think a good mayor is more concerned about being reelected or about delivering what he promised to those who elected him?

Answer: I believe that for a good mayor it’s all the same: to be reelected, to love your constituents and do everything to benefit them, and try to make sure that everyone who goes to vote would vote for him.

Question: Do you think that all municipal governments will start working for the benefit of people or will this stop after the tension subsides?

Answer: This is a problem because humanity has not yet realized that through people such as city mayors can nature be corrected. Perhaps they should be given more authority.

The mayor of a city makes sure that there is water, clean air, kindergartens, and schools. This is the house manager, in short. And this is most vital for us.

Question: Should mayors of cities be given maximum power, money?

Answer: Yes. Not to be confused with anything else. He has to make sure that we are comfortable in our home. This job requires the right person. The mayor must be a local overseer.

Question: What should the mayor of the future be like in your understanding?

Answer: I’m not talking about any mental, psychological, or spiritual criteria. I am saying that all this should be seen in our example, in our life.

So that everything is clean, ready, open, provided for different levels of citizens, and so on, that’s all. This is what the mayor should do and have this sense. There are people who have this sense. We need just such a person and the appropriate team.

Question: And then, if he has such an inclination toward people, he will be given both strength, ability, and power?

Answer: Sure. He will gain support from below, he will receive support from above. From above means from nature.

Question: What would you add to this? Let’s say there is such a desire now. What could be added to keep this whole thing going?

Answer: A crystal clear understanding of the fact that we exist in an integral world, in complete dependence of humanity on each other and the dependence of all mankind on inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature.

Therefore, we must be concerned about all levels and do everything possible to ensure that nature is harmonious and integral at all its levels. Then we would not be terrified that Antarctica suddenly is beginning to melt or something else is happening, some excesses in the earth’s crust, and so on. We would not worry. We would think that all these phenomena may be happening because nature is dynamically balancing itself in this way.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/4/20

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