Have Time To Correct Ourselves

552.02Question: Would you invest money in the development of a vaccine against death?

Answer: No. On the contrary, I believe that death is a blessing. What good is there in this life? Here, a person goes through a certain stage of his development and corrects his soul within a certain framework. And that’s it, this is enough.

I believe that whatever nature, the Creator, does to us is the absolute good, the absolute truth, and there is no need to change anything.

Question: How long do you think a person should live?

Answer: Just enough to correct oneself. Not a minute more. It is, however, desirable to make it.

Question: What would you like to wish for people in their life?

Answer: “If death—let it be instant, if a wound—let it be a small one.”? What can you wish for a person? To think about how happy he is because now he has the opportunity to learn that there is a wisdom that speaks about his purpose, about life and death in such a way that he can rise above this, attain this, draw the most correct conclusions and come to a perfect result.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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