Which People Will Be Valued?

632.3Question: In the recent past, a person was judged by his status, by his clothes, by his education, by how much money he had, whether he was a professor or not. How will people be judged in the new post-viral world? There is a lot of speculation. What do you think?

Answer: I think people will be different as a result of the coronavirus. They will learn to see through matter and not pay attention to what a person is wearing, what kind of pen sticks out in his pocket, or what watch he is wearing. They won’t even look at the fact that he might be a big professor or something. They will look at what use he has as a person, what he can give that society needs.

A person benefits society by explaining to it how it is possible to make further progress in connection. And then it will be really clear what benefits he brings.

He will see that otherwise we will not live, otherwise we will not pull out, and otherwise we will not be able to survive. This should be clear. And the person who shows this demonstrates to the whole society that it needs him. And, in accordance with this, society will appreciate him.

People who really have such a special quality to gather a society and bring its members closer to each other should be visible so that others can listen to them.

Question: Will others be jealous of them?

Answer: They will learn and will be envious. Envy is a very good thing. It is clear that this is not black envy. Because it comes from noble deeds, from bringing people closer together, when they want to learn and be like such people.

Question: So you have an optimistic view of the future of people? Their connection will be valued.

Answer: I think we will suffer great losses, diseases, and deaths. There will be a lot of problems, but humanity will adapt quickly. Now I have such hope. Subconsciously, the process is already underway. There will be no return. And it will be very bad if we start returning forcefully.

Question: You say that we should slowly distinguish people who work for society, for connection. And it will work in a person? If we start talking about givers all the time, will it work?

Answer: Humanity will no longer have any insignia. And this will inevitably remain. When society talks about it, it will affect all individuals.

Everyone will point out only those people who are engaged in consolidating society, developing it, and attracting more and more new people to unite. And that’s how we will go forward.

I think that humanity will go a good way, not through destruction and war.

The person giving, the person uniting, the person explaining, the person leading, pushing will be appreciated. And in the end, we will quickly find ourselves in the right world.

Question: Pushing exclusively to unity?

Answer: Only to unity! Nothing more is needed. The Creator, the upper force, the one force of nature, cannot be dressed in something limited, concrete. It must have an absolute substrate under it and be revealed in it.

Question: Is the absolute substrate a single humanity?

Answer: Yes. One soul.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/13/20

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